Vaxis Thor 600ft

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Vaxis Thor 600FT

It’s mainly for Mainstream SLR cameras.Perfectly compatible with "Panasonic GH/ Canon 5D/ Sony A7" series.

Especially when it is applied to the Handheld Bundle of DJI Ronin-S/ ZhiYun CRANE2/ TILTA GRAVITY etc,the ultra-lightweight of the Thor 600FT makes it hardly to affect the work of the Tripod systems due to load or leveling problems.

Matching on a 7-inch monitor with 1200 brightness will be released in 1 month, compatible perfectly.
Main characteristic as following:
1. Transfer optimize performance
2. Cost-Effective Only $899
3. DFS+Fixed Frequence
4. Slim and Portable than ever
5. Transmits up to 280 meters Line-of-Sight
6. Transmits to up 4 receivers