Vaxis Thor 2000ft+

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Vaxis Thor 2000ft+ DFS Wireless Video Transmission

 Note: Orders placed today are expected to ship in 1–2 months

The best professional wireless video transmission suit for the huge film crew,TV broadcast live,sport event and so on.


  1. Wireless transmit visually lossless Full HD 1080p60 Video/Audio    
  2. Distance: 500 meters.
  3. Support DFS
  4. Unique OLED design
  5. Zero delay.
  6. TX: 1x SDI IN, 1x SDI LOOP OUT,

           RX: 1x SDI OUT, 1x HDMI OUT.

  1. Mounting: Transmitter side with Sony NP-970 plate,

         Receiver side with V mount/ Gold mount plate.

  1. Support metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags.
  2. Built In HDMI/SDI Converter
  3. Aerospace aluminium alloy, durable.
  4. Pure hardware connection: Plug and Play. 
  5. Adaptive voltage
  6. Multicast - 1 transmitter to 4 receivers



  • 1x unit transmitter
  • 1x unit receiver
  • 2x battery plates
  • 8x sword antennas
  • 2x DC convert cable (LEMO 2 pin-male to D-Type receptacle)
  • 1x 7”Articulating magic arm
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x VAXIS flight case