Vaxis Storm 800 HD 0-Latency Wireless Transmission Kit

Regular price $1,880.00

The new Storm 800 is a new updated model of the previous Storm 500It has a new design with a longer range, up to 800ft (~230m) with HDMI & SDI inputs.

Vaxis Storm 800FT distance. Zero delayed, Transmitter TX-interface: SDI In*1 HDMI In*1, Receiver RX-interface: SDI In*1 HDMI Out*1.

Packing List:

1x Transmitter with Sony NP-970 battery plate 

1x Receiver with V Mount battery plate.

3x Sword Antennas

1x 7”Nogo Arm

2x D-Tap To Lemo 2-pin Power cable

1x Slim SDI video cable-BNC to BNC(39”)

1x Light Stand Adapter 5/8” Female to 1/4-20” Male

1x Hard & Watertight Case

1x Instruction manual 

1x One Year Warranty