New Series Vaxis Storm Array Antenna Panel

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The Vaxis Array Antenna is your go-to solution for cutting through wireless interference in crowded environments. When attached to a Vaxis 1000+ or 1200, the antenna provides an extremely robust directional signal that will ensure your signal arrives uninterrupted.


There are 5 ports high gainpanel antennas instead of previous 5pcs flag antennas, which can improve the communication distance from 800M to 1KM under the same test standard, and also can largely decrease the interference from the backside. the Array can be used for long distance condition or multi units.



● 5.1-5.8 GHz MIMO Panel Antenna

● Enhances Wireless Video Transmission.

● 5x 16 dBi Gain Antenna (800m, Max up to 1KM available range: the front 90°)

● Centralized signal and reduce interference & available angle

● 5 Ports: 3 Ports Vertical, 2 Ports ± 45°